On 17 April 2011, I shot this for the Nature & Environment Foundation (Stichting Natuur & Milieu), assigned by Guerilla Marketing agency Jack Liberties (jackliberties.nl).

During the premiere of Zorro The Musical in the Amsterdam De La Mar theatre, Holland's Next Top Model Kim Feenstra appeared on the red carpet in a Lady Gaga-style dress. However, not made from real meat, but from Tofu, so a vegan dress.

This guerilla marketing effort is part of their campaign to create awareness for Flexitarism ("Ik ben flexitariër"): people who consciously decide to not eat meat every day as a means to support the environment. For information can be found on the website: ikbenflexitarier.nl


Shot on 5D mark II with a Canon 24-70mm F2.8
and a 7D with a Canon 70-200mm F2.8 (effectively a 112-320mm due to the 1.6 crop).

Since it was a sunny day and I shot without ND filters and since this was a fast moving event, aperture on the cameras was set between F5.6 and F9.0.

Single-day edit with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. End title animation done with Adobe After Effects CS5. Audio track edited with Adobe Audition 3.0.

Song: Santa Esmeralda - Don't let me be misunderstood

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