I wanted to go to Smøla to photograph the eagles and since Pål Hermansen, the famous Norwegian nature photographer, was holding a workshop on the island this trip suited me well. This island has the highest population density of eagles in Europe due to the good breeding conditions. There are thousands of smaller islands and an abundance of fish creating an ideal habitat for the eagles. This photo series shows you some of the island and its bird life.

The eagles need to be very careful when flying near the windmills of Smøla. There are 68 windmills in the wind park and every now and then an eagle collides with a blade. The blades can reach 250 kmh at the outer points when at top speed. The media tends to exaggerate how many eagles suffer such a fate, however, research shows that on average only one eagle is killed by each windmill every 10 years. Sadly that is one eagle too many but on the other hand this is clean renewable energy and the park at Smøla generates enough energy for 22,000 homes.

Smøla is located off the west coast of Norway and can be reached by car ferry from the mainland or by the coastal speed ferry (hurtigbåt) from Kristiansund and Trondheim.
The island has approximately 2.140 inhabitants and covers a area of 281,9 km2. Smøla lies furthest north in Møre and Romsdal and consists of numerous larger and smaller islands. The main island has Norway’s largest lowland prairies, an enormous landscape of bogs and flatland. In a ring around the main island lie small villages with boat houses and wharfs, lovely wooden churches, and and fishing industries.
Smøla is famous for its many different birds. The landscape is unique and is an eldorado for lovers of nature and culture, anglers, ramblers and divers. One of Smøla’s greatest attractions is the fishing village of Veiholmen, pictures of which you can see in this presentation.

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