this film is a big reason why we love our manfrotto monopod. check out when the girls open the present and we whip pan about four times before cutting. as they were opening the presents all around me, i could just feel the energy and excitement in the room and wanted to really tie in just how frantic it all was. by quickly moving from girl to girl with a whip (as opposed to cutting) it really helped communicate how much was happening in real time. do have something as simple as a monopod that can be so versatile is just so cool to me.

these two have got to be one of the most kinetic couples you could ever be around. they always have such an energy to them, but more than that, they really feed off each other and make for some great entertainment (intended or not). raheleh is a pro car dancer (of which you'll catch a few glimpses in the SDE). sina is a superhero.

mirror's are a big part of a persian wedding with the couple often facing a large mirror for their ceremony. loosely translated, looking into the mirror is related to looking into their future together (awww, how sweet). raheleh and sina wanted to see each other before their ceremony so they had that moment together on such a busy day. as we were preparing for them to see each other we came up with an idea on how we could cover their first meeting in a way that tied in their persian symbolism, which to us is really what takes this from 'a' wedding film to 'their' film.

the soundtrack is 'a perfect day' by matt hires used with permission.


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