A kinetic typography animation by using Maya and After Effects. It base on part of the lyrics of the song. As the following:

“Sugar in the marmalade
Sweet like lemonade
Sugar in the marmalade
Love will come our way

Ooh baby love me
Miracles happen when you're near
Say three words baby you will see
See that you'll be all for me

You're my everything
Wanna kiss you till break of spring
Singing love songs for you and me
Take my hand and run with me

Sugar in the marmalade
Sweet like lemonade
Sugar in the marmalade
Love will come our way”

Description of the idea
The idea is to make a Kinetic typography—an animation technique mixing motion and text base on part of the lyrics of the song “Sugar in the Marmalade”, by Janice Vidal.

Description of the concept
Janice is a Hong Kong base singer, however, I think her English songs should be promote in America. As spring / summer is coming soon, I choose to use one of her summery songs - “Sugar in the Marmalade” to work on this kinetic typography project. By listening and viewing the project, viewer may feel the atmosphere of spring / summer is coming by thus feeling the excitement of ending the school year with another lovely summer break.

Background and context around this idea
Artist: Janice Vidal
Song: Sugar In the Marmalade
Album: Day & Night
Janice M. Vidal is a female singer in Hong Kong. She is a mixed parentage with a Filipino father and a mixed Chinese and Korean mother.
Janice is emerging as one of the singers in Hong Kong and Asia. Her music style is a mixture of Cantopop, Jazz and R&B. She performs her songs in English, Cantonese. Although her Chinese pronunciation is not that good, but she can still sing in English very well. Like the English version of “Sugar in the Marmalade”, it is a Bossa nova style song. (a style of popular Brazilian music derived from the samba but with more melodic and harmonic complexity and less emphasis on percussion.) Janice’s sweet voice is very suitable to this kind of music. This song is about LOVE, the girl wants the boy’s love.

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