Dům umění města Brna / The Brno House of Arts

Clip by Markéta Cilečková
Music by Dj Ventolin (ventolin.cz)

Aside from the classical guided tour by the curator, there are many ways of working with exhibitions audiences and addressing various target groups. Thus, the exhibition itself may be conceived as a medium or - in the words of the education department of Documenta 12 - "as a space of possibility that invites visitors to interact. Aesthetic education rather begins with activating and sharing one’s intellectual and emotional resources than with factual knowledge.”

The intention of the project “The exhibition as a space of possibility – art education with teenage visitors” was to strengthen an already existing approach of continuous and innovative educational work at The Brno House of Arts and other art institutions in Brno, Czech Republic, and in Slovakia. The focus was on teenagers and young adults, who visit exhibitions as individuals.

DAY 1 was an open conference including lectures and discussions held in English. Initial inputs given by international art educators were followed by intensive talks on experiences related to the topic. Obviously, offers for young individual visitors are rare, they need to be innovative. The invited lecturers gave insights into their work, providing inspiration to everyone who works with this target group in exhibition contexts or wants to do so in the future.

With Marcela Lukáčová (Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, SK), Nora Sternfeld (trafo.k, Vienna, A), Marie Hanzelková (Museum of Romani Culture, Brno, CZ), Ute Marxreiter (Pinakothek Museums and the Museum Brandhorst, Munich, D)

DAY 2 of the event was held as a workshop with young art educators to be trained. Committed members of The Brno House of Arts staff and art pedagogy students who already conceive and realize projects or plan to do so in the future were given the chance to intensively work on their ideas under professional supervision. Alongside with content development, possible cooperation strategies with schools, social institutions and funding partners were a major topic for the participants – a discourse that successfully resulted in new long-term duty arrangements in this field at The Brno House of Arts. Some of the developed formats are planned to be implemented immediately. Marcela Lukáčová conducted the workshop.

The event was part of the Brno Week of Culture (Týden výtvarné kultury).

The project was supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung

art education
Dům umění města Brna
The Brno House of Arts
dum umeni

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