In the very distant past, a cataclysmic event occurred, which introduced transgenic material into life on Earth. This code is executed in the emergence of advanced species to the singularity of trans-terrestrial, inter-ecological and symbiotic post-species consciousness.

N_DREW is a liminal entity, a fleshy avatar and an embodied data immigrant improvising with noizical instruments and glitchy living pixels and sonic reverberations.


1. Unidentified Sonic Objects/TRANSVOCATION (PostHuman/PostMinimalMix) (2011)
N_DREW opens a discourse with sound and light vibrations through improvisations with alien technology.

2. Ecotone II and Green Sound
Interspatial Improvisations using S.M.I.L.E. (2008-2011)
A good metaphor for thinking through the complex sonic ecology in a performance is an ecotone. An ecotone is a transition between two adjoining ecological communities, such as the transitional area between a forest and a prairie. This is the “ecological” transitional space or environment of sound, improviser and listener.

N_DREW explores the boundaries of such "communities" of synthesized audio in a sonic “environment”. The interface, called S.M.I.L.E. or spherical media instrument for live environments, uses various sensors, tracks movement and produces light and sound in real-time to traverse the interspatial ecotone of improvised performance.

3. Lord Galaga Remix (2006, 2010-2011)
Introduced in 1981, the Galaga arcade game became a classic alien invasion game for the company Namco. Twenty-eight years into the future, Lord Galaga appropriates a recent game pack circuit to create an audio-visual instrument that allows the performer to play with a hacked version of the classic Galaga video game.

Lord Galaga explores the glitchy errors that happen when you invert or short-circuit a retro video game in order to create a noisy audio-visual performance extravaganza. By circuit bending, hacking and glitching, Lord Galaga creates "alien sound effects," video game antics, experimental sound performance, Visualist culture and early gaming vibes, Lord Galaga’s performance colonizes the corporate product and contaminates an arcade game classic.

4. Nuclear Family (2011)
Nuclear Family uses a circuit bent children’s toy based around the problem structure of the common conception of the nuclear family (Father, Mother, Child). N_DREW wants to know why such toys socialize children and adults away from the notion of the extended family and ideas of community and into such strict familialism.

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