Join Us First As We Hear From Our Own Batsirai Chada Sings In Christ Alone

Pastor Doug Continue in His Series on the Book of Acts With Part 24 Entitled "Telling Your Story" In This Sermon Pastor Doug Tells is How The Apostle Paul Told His Story. To Listen To The Entire Series in Audio Visit

Also Join Us This Friday and Sunday As We Present Seven The Final Words of Christ

Seven years after the death of Christ the Church is heavily persecuted but growing. Christians have scattered throughout the land to escape the tyranny and intimidation of the religious leaders in Jerusalem; all the while sharing their faith and spreading the gospel.

Cleopas, Joanna, and others have retreated to Damascus for safety but even there the harassment of believers is escalating, and their lives are in constant danger.

Facing imprisonment and death they reflect on their faith, their future and the 6 hours that changed them forever. They remember and revisit the final hours and the dying words of Jesus.... what He said, and the impact those final words would have.

Seven is a story about faith and courage... about persecution and forgiveness. It will challenge you to search your own heart and inspire you to seek His.

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