These monthly videos are to show the latest action in the "Munstar life". Branded by the area the Munstar's include: Reese d'Aquin (Marrero, LA), Brennan Thompson (Gretna LA), and Wayland Morgan (Saleen, LA). These wakeskaters keep things interesting in Ruston. Ruston, LA is often considered boring, fun drained, or old school by students. We don't seem to think so. You just have to make it interesting.

LTW brings the party. Being around the Monster Energy brand has definitely taking the team to a different realm of partying and riding. I have been wakeskating since the summer of 2006 and for the Louisiana Tech Wake (LTW) team since Fall 2006. If you where to tell me back then that I would be sponsored by big name companies such as Kicker Audio, Spy Optics, and Monster Energy I would have told you you where crazy. Actually I did tell pro wakeskater Ryan Lemons that when he said by the time I was 22 (how old he was the summer of 2006 when "Bossman" and I went rode with him attempting FS bigs) I would be around his level of riding.

I rode strictly out of passion for the water. My grandfather taught me at age 6 to ski and I haven't stop since. I live for the day and worried rarely of the future (probably why my grades have been all over the place) and most of my teachers think I am crazy. Word can't describe my love for the collegiate wake scene. I honestly had the greatest collegiate experience that very few have the oppurtunity to experience. This is what I would like every member of LTW and any one at Louisiana Tech for that matter to experience and continue to offer to new students with the creation of the on-campus cable system or the "Bulldog Cable Complex."

Partying, competing, riding, friends, and the lake are the essentials of collegiate wake. Well when Monster Energy caught wind of the amount of success LTW was having and the progression of my riding they had to jump on board the Grassroots express. I became sponsored in 2008. LTW's wake scene was turbo-charged fueled by Monster and I have had the pleasure to embraced the opportunity to bring the LTW college wake team together for the 2011 season as president and entrepreneur and I know next year is going to be that much better.

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