As part of the academy offering which David is heading up, e-learning, or online training is provided. The use of varied content is one particular aspect which makes online training effective. This includes things such as video and audio. While power-points are included, David feels you need to go beyond that because as people are clicking through your presentations they can get bored fairly easily if you don’t bring the material to life.

Another key is to actually give people practical take-aways once they have done some e-learning. Oftentimes, people will do some training online and it will seem very disconnected from what they do on a day to day basis.

You need to do the training and provide the tools and templates to match which are seen as relevant to helping people do their jobs better. This will make people excited about learning.

David thinks people are only not excited about doing online learning and training is when they don’t see the connection with how it applies to their everyday job.

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