Pro Skateboarder, Scott H. Bourne is admired across the industry for his uncompromising work ethic and his caustic integrity.
He currently resides in Paris, where he is simultaneously editing his first novel and working on his second. His writing has been featured in magazines both inside and outside of skateboarding and penned his own column for Slap for a number of years.
He is currently making the rounds across Europe to promote a text and video project executed in Mongolia in 2004 as well as collection of poetry entitled Cheating on the Metronome.
When he is not at his desk typing on his Ole’ Corona, he will most likely be found wandering the City of Light in search of the words that cause a man to write; As the French would say «s’il n’existait pas, il aurait fallu l’inventer».

Year : 2011
filmed and edited by Brice Gelot

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