Short clip of what you can get with the combinaison of this wide aperture lens and this great hybrid digital camera.
Images are direct out of the box. No postproduction treatment, just some sat, contrast, and white balance adjustment via the internal menu of the NEX-5.

You can note the focus plan of the SLR Magic 35mm f/1.7 is not "plane", is not a straight line. It's a curve. Focus plan is circular... a particularity, not a bad thing, not a good thing, depend how you consider that.

And you can note too, the purple fringes of the NEX-5 when the focus is perfectly set. So when you are filming, you can adjust the focus using this default... Because this lens got a manual focus.
So, don't worry, when you are shooting a picture, this default disapear, it's only when you are filming.

By the way, great combinaison.
This "toy lens", cheaper as hell (100 $) done really good job if you want to add some more "artistic" effect to your pictures.

Shot in Nice, south France on april.

NEX-5 : White Balance is set to "shadow", to get warm colors. Color Profil is set to "vivid", with contrast +3, saturation +3 and sharpness +3.

SLR Magic 35mm f/1.7 : more often the aperture is wide open, but sometimes, the brightness of the sun was so intense, that I need to gently close the aperture around 4.5, because even if I was in 1/4000 sec shutter speed, the sensor was dazzled.

Oh, a last thing : Kool & The Gang "Summer Madness" for the soundtrack. Please thanks to them, one of great jazz-funk band ever !

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