What’s the future about? Acclaimed experts Terri & Gary know!

As you know, Terri & Gary have been doing a lot lately. You may have heard of their latest fantastic game-changing business consultation advice tapes, or maybe you caught wind of their incredible spiritual celebrity consultations on the news. Either way, you’re probably asking yourself: How can I get some of that?

Easy….Go to their ground-breaking art exhibition at THIS Los Angeles.

The focus of their inaugural art opening, A DEPICTION OF LOVE AND REALITY, is two fold: Help (mainly concerned with the self) and Love (primarily found through phone sex). There is also a touch of the more familiar work of this non-stop power-duo, the ever-present postcard subscriptions and their patented weapons of “passive-aggression”. Manipulating second hand objects of self-improvement and self-gratification, T&G present an innovative way of reinterpreting these narcissistic industries. Working together to create thought provoking installations from the debris of human excess and insecurity, T&G hope to bring you a new and vital experience with your own reality.


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