My aim for the year is to showcase small, cheap, simple, close-to-home microadventures.
Microadventures serve to scratch the itch for adventurous souls trapped by the bludgeoning of fate in sensible office jobs.
They act as stepping stones for people who dream of a major expedition but feel that at the moment they are not quite ready.
And they are a kick up the backside to anyone whinging and whining with excuses about how they don’t have the time or the money or the skills to get out there and challenge themselves. I have started deliberately small, with ideas that absolutely anyone can manage. In January I entered a race. In February I went for a weekend away. And this month I slept on top of a hill. These are micro microadventures. But they are brilliant.

Canon 5D Mkii
17-40 f4 lens
GoPro HD Hero cam

Moby - God Moving Over the Face of the Water

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