This is the final version of my project, for source code please visit , videos also available on you-tube
Webduino is a product that allows a user to display the latest twitter feed of a chosen user account on an LCD screen. The LCD screen is placed on the mouth of a cuddly blue bird soft toy, in this case an uglydoll called Babo’s Bird.

Webduino provides is a friendly interface for users to view their tweet on an LCD within the soft toy’s mouth to simulate speaking.

Webduino interacts with the user when a new tweet is available, by displaying a flashing LED.

It also allows the user to update new twitter feeds by choosing one of a set of button; each one will have a different defined message.
Webduino can also detect whether the lights in the room are turned off or on. Then by default, if the location is dark, the Webduino will turn on a set of LEDs.

The main focus for the Webduino is the interaction with the user, making the users experiences a positive feeling when they have a new tweet feed.

This product also aims to solve the communication gap between parents and children (aged between 3 and 8 years).
This enables parents to send free messages to their children via a toy, as opposed to children using the internet or mobile phones.

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