Filmed with the CineMorph Anamorphic Looks Filter from

While at NAB 2011 we stepped away from the bright lights to collect some b-roll for a project in the works.

Filmed, Edited & Colored by Eddie Enciu for VAMP
Colorista II, Magic Bullet and a bit of Misfire all from Red Giant Software. Music by Hammock

Canon 5D Mark II
Nikon 85mm F2
CineMorph 58

Daytime ISO 100
Evening/Night ISO 640 to 1600

The Filter costs $139, it keeps your image at a 16:9 ratio and only morphs the bokeh or vertically smears the areas of the image that are not in focus and it allows you to rack focus your lens like normal! Rack focusing is impossible with most anamorphic lenses and the vertical bokeh can not be recreated in post production without a ton of rotto brushing and affecting the areas in focus.

It's also a streak & flare filter all on one smooth rotating frame.

You will lose 2 stops of light, so we recommend fast speed prime lenses with smaller fronts. Old Nikon primes and Old M42 Pentax Mount (Russian and Japanese) work the best. Those lenses are ideal with or with out our filter as they work more like true cinema lenses, they're sharp, fast and cheap on ebay.

Just like an anamorphic lens these filters are meant for use on Prime photographic lenses. 50mm and tighter for cropped frame cameras like the 7D & T2i and 75mm and tighter for full frame cameras like the 5D

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