This is my documentary series which I am co writing and directing. People the world over have forgotten their most basic abilities as humans, such as growing their own food. The impact of this film series is crucial to create awareness and educate people on sustainability and water management. In today's world where we face potential food shortages and people are dependent on supermarkets and corporations for their food, it is particularly important for people to be aware that they can grow their own food. It is also imperative for younger generations to be aware of the "true" value of their water rights, for many times a quick check from wealthy individuals separates land and water forever. The acequias are more than simple canals that carry water, they are a wealth of knowledge dating back thousands of years with origins in the Middle East.

In New Mexico this way of life is in danger of being lost as it has been in other parts of the world. Currently State Government and corporations are aggressively pursuing water rights and trying to crush this ancient traditional lifestyle. While there is a growing interest in sustainable organic agriculture among younger generations, it is not enough. More youth and adults have to be educated to not be so dependent on fast food and supermarket chains for their food.

In New Mexico alone obesity and other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are particularly high among the Native American and Hispanic populations. A big reason is because we have forgotten our love of the land and the water which grows the food that nurtured us, our ancestors were the first organic farmers and pioneers of sustainable agriculture, yet it has been forgotten by many.

This film series will not only cover the historical aspect of the acequia lifestyle, but also current and future issues and will take us to the acequias and gardens of Mexico, Spain and North Africa.

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