This is an older project but was just releases.

On this project I did over 85 FX task:

- Special character FX:

Jax's Missile smoke & explosion (fumeFX)
SubZero Ice Shatter (Rigid body, Particles and FumeFX)
Scorpion Fire Teleportation (fumeFX)
Shao Kahn hammer ground hit dust impact (fumeFX, Particles and BA shader)
Shao Kahn jaw break xRay teeth (animation)

- Fatalities:

Scorpion fatality = Cloth, some blood (RFlow) and the guts simulation (cloth)
Shao Kahn fatality = Interior guts (cloth)

- Characters Cloth simulation:

Some of Shao kahn cloth
Some of Raiden cloth
Some of SubZero cloth

- Environment FX:

The pits lantern fire (fumeFX)
The pits volcano (fumeFX)
Some of the coliseum interactive dust (Ice Particles)
Some of the coliseum ambient dust (Ice particles, BA Shader)
All of the coliseum flags (cloth)
Some of Jax's Dog Tag simulation (cloth, Animation)
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