Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers says the solution for the challenges of reducing carbon emissions and generating affordable power lie in energy partnerships between the United States and China. Rogers tells Executive Editor Margaret Ryan how he believes that can happen and how both countries can benefit.

Rogers says the most important thing for most Americans and U.S. political leaders to realize is that a partnership with China will result in jobs in the United States, no matter whether the materials used in those projects come from the U.S., China or somewhere else. He says about 70 percent of the jobs created for any given project are going to be located at the project site.

Rogers also says Americans and political leaders must realize that in the power generation sector, the U.S. and China have different interests. U.S. utilities have to retire and replace their entire fleets of generators by 2050, replacing a third the coal generation by 2020. China, meanwhile, has to build out a huge amount of infrastructure to bring electric power to all its citizens. About 80 percent of what's generated there now goes to industry.

Rogers believes that as the two largest consumers of electricity and carbon dioxide emitters, the United States and China need to work together to meet those challenges. He says a partnership involving both governments and companies from both nations would ultimately help both sides. He says that while the Obama administration is signaling that it is ready to work with the Chinese, supporters of such a plan need to build political support in this country.

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