Energy was high on the list of contentious issues facing President Obama and Chinese leader Hu Jintao as they met in Washington this week. The two leaders signed agreements encouraging business partnerships on clean energy and technology, as well as a Clean Energy Research Center. Research and development facilities located here and in China will focus on energy efficiency, carbon capture, and clean vehicles.

China is also about to become the world leader in developing clean energy sources - leaping ahead, says the U.S., because of controversial development and trade policies. In Part 3 of his China Factor series, "Clean Energy Competition," chief correspondent Tyler Suiters travels to China, and gets a firsthand look at why it's becoming the world's clean energy leader. He also talks to experts and industry leaders here in the U.S., who tell him what this country needs to do to regain its edge.

On "The Mix," panelists Aimee Christensen of Christensen Global Strategies, Ken Green of the American Enterprise Institute and Mark Fulton, Global Head of Climate Change Investment Research at Deutsche Bank, debate clean energy jobs: How they're defined and the best way to get more of them in this struggling economy.

On "Plugged-In" this week, Massachusetts is demanding money back from a solar company that took millions in state aid and is now moving to China. The Mine Safety and Health Administration says Massey Energy could have averted the deaths of 29 coal miners last April if it had properly maintained mining and safety equipment. And President Obama has named General Electric chief Jeffery Immelt to head his new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Finally, in Taking Charge: The Promised Land for Renewables, Lee Patrick Sullivan visits Imperial Valley, California, where the state has hit the green jackpot with an abundance of energy resources: Wind, solar, geothermal and algae power. Lee Patrick looks at what is being done in California's poorest county to develop those resources.

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