An introduction to the music of Muntu Valdo, who creates tracks live with a delay pedal.

This was shot on 5 cameras - two Z5s (one for the wide and one for my handheld camera), a canon 5D and 7D and a little Sony A1 set up overhead on a big mic boom stand. Both DSLRs had a 24 - 105mm f4L and the 5D was on a glidetrack. We did cutaways of his pedals separately using the DLSRs and my 50mm 1.4.

The lighting was done using a Dedo as key light, two kinoflo diva lights, a dedo with a blue gel as a kicker and a couple of dedos with purple gels aimed at the lenses of the wide and 5D. The BBC sign was lit from behind using a dedo with a purple gel and the engineer's cubicle was lit using an Arri 650 with a pink gel.

The whole thing took about an hour and a half to set up, and it's far from perfect but was a lot of fun to do! This was our first music performance where we really mixed footage from the Z series camera and the DSLRs and it was hard to match the footage in Color but I think it just about works.

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