First was the abyss
then a sound
maybe a voice
and there was light.
This light had a geometry
created shapes
and filled the space with vibration
a dance of life...

La Scala
(the staircase)

Music by
Alberto Novello
performed by
Miguel H. Gomez
Elisa Battistutta

Light concept, shakers
and direction
Federico "il cane" Bonelli

Techniques, electronics and live sound by
Michael Dotolo

video by
Francesco Cavaliere

(c) 2011
Federico Bonelli Productions

many thanks to Hans Jenny
and to Dmitry Gelfand
that first mentioned Jenny's works on Cymatics to me.

Dedicated to Robert Hooke and the Invisible Accademia

Light shakers are specially designed lights that uses resonance to transfer light into geometrical patterns. The patterns are made by water that is caused to resonate by sound. The figure of this resonance are then enfatized by caustics distortion on the water sourface and led light to be projected on ceilings or other parts of the structure involved by the performance. In this sense sound creates light and shape.
The shapes react to the sound being performed.
The percussionist uses water, sine waves made in crystal bowls and dolomia stone, hand picked in the Alps.

The electronic drone composition sample the percussive element and amplify it in a staircase-like armonic structure, to reach the realm of the angels, like in the bible happens with the Jackob's Ladder.

The project is actually still in evolution, and is a work in progress. At least until the angels show up.

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