A video profile of Peter Danko and Susan McDaniel's home kitchen featuring a new approach to cabinet design and construction.

More information about the kitchen can be found at peterdanko.com/kitchen.html

This is my first "real" video project. I've been giving myself a crash-course in all aspects of DSLR video production - from capture and audio to managing files and editing the results. With that in mind, I am quite happy with this.

Interestingly, I have been hacking together a viable proxy workflow for DSLR footage in Final Cut Pro incorporating secondary audio. I've been working to formalize my workflow into a blog post (or series of posts) that I would have found very helpful when I started playing with video. However Final Cut X will be here soon. I think it will be a very compelling upgrade - and will make my current workflow somewhat obsolete. I expect to jump in to the new FCP as soon as it's released and plan to share my experiences as an imaging veteran who is new to video.

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