Prof. Dr. Joel Windle (Monash University, Austrália)
In this paper I wish to discuss some implications for language teaching of transnationalism, globalisation, and new technologies. We need to carefully reconsider both the aims and methods of language teaching in light of these phenomena. In my discussion I will draw on examples of teaching practice from my experiences as a language teacher and a teacher educator. I will discuss teaching approaches I used to teach English as a foreign language in French primary and secondary schools. I will also discuss approaches I have used in teaching French as a foreign language in Australia. Finally, I will present an extended example of a secondary school ESL lesson I have taught in Australia. My goal in presenting these examples is to illuminate ways of approaching the problem of recontextualisation in foreign language teaching. Teachers face a constant challenge in making curriculum relevant and meaningful in a given local context while at the same time empowering students with academic knowledge. This problem is particularly acute for foreign language teachers whose students have little contact with the target language community. In this situation, knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar has little meaning for students unless teachers can find a way of connecting students to the target language community and recreating some aspects of that community in class-room communication. This work is what I am calling here recontextualisation.

Seminário sobre Formação de Professores e Ensino de Língua Inglesa (I SEFELI) Este primeiro seminário busca consolidar o trabalho dos professores de inglês do departamento em torno de projeto de pesquisa voltado para a formação de professores de língua inglesa em Sergipe.

O evento, desta forma, reunirá pesquisadores envolvidos com temas semelhantes no Brasil e no exterior, em especial aqueles vinculados ao Projeto Nacional Novos Letramentos, sediado na Universidade de São Paulo.

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