Kendi was rescued February 18th 2011 after being born and raised outdoors to her mother who has been living as a stray for years. Her mother was found dead on site, still lactating at the time of her death amount 5 other dead siblings. 4 live puppy were also rescued from the same lot.

Kendi was adopted April 8th, 2011 in Montreal, Downtown and is spoiled with love.

Kendi was born in the backyard of Montreal largest pound, Le Berger Blanc which holds more contracts with municipalities for animal control than The Montreal SPCA. How are they expected to take care of Montreal's animal control, when they could not even keep the stray dog population outside their backdoor iunder control?

See more about their rescue and Le Berger Blanc here;

Huge thank you to these wonderful people that made this rescue possible; Dr. Lissa Alschtluer, Nicolas Gilman of, Alanna Devine, and The Montreal SPCA.

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