Just a little improvisation with my saxophone testing realtime pitch detection (fiddle object, maxforlive). Seems it works quite well!!! :) ...so excited...

Now i'll look at getting data from other acustic instruments:

-just found this i2m musicport bit.ly/gy0Gfy that converts any monophonic sound (voice, winds, ...) to midi. it seems really handly. could use also for saxophone if it works well..

-guitar-bass: a good choise for accurate polyphonic analysis would be this pickup bit.ly/g7Minf plus this analizer box bit.ly/gVMurl or bit.ly/AK8k2 .
could use i2m musicport also for guitar and bass single notes.

-drums: could use these bit.ly/f0P7W9 with bit.ly/hXPKus or cheaper bit.ly/hQtjDM for toms, kick and snare. don't know for Hats, Crash and Ride...

-piano: there are some experimental maxMSP polyphonic pitch detection objects, but they are not very reliable. Instead i found this amazing thing called "moog pianobar" bit.ly/f6PxFW. it's a 88keys sensorbar that you can plug on any acustic piano. Unfortunately is not in production anymore, so if someone knows about any second hand one please let me know :)

suggestions? :)

realtime video: vvvv.org
realtime audio analysis: ableton Live + MaxForLive

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