Ryerson University 4th year New Media thesis project

There are two different ways in which to approach art. In one dimension the world is a place of beauty, sparkling with mystery and wonder. In the other lies a structural backbone, a mathematical structure. Both of these views are correct but they are not always presented as a whole. I want to combine these forces of exploration into a single product. The manta ray, a mysterious symbol of nature, a gentle giant with the grace of a bird, flies below the sea. Graceful movement is an amazing sight but putting it technically draws on the structural side of art. Reuben Margolin is one of my major influences driving the inspiration for my kinetic sculpture. His artistic experience and experimental play with movement captures my attention and interest. As humans our relation to nature is something I want to connect with my piece. Nature produces organic movements; it’s not the act of recreating but relating to the quality of movement.
Dimensions: 10' x 5'

Winner of the Meta 2011: Faculty Choice Award


video shot and edited by Chris Gruggen

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