A behind the scenes glimpse into the making of Immersive Cocoon "2011", starring Keir Dullea.

This making of feature depicts Mr. Dullea traversing from live action through a digital set displayed in progression from wireframe to raw render to final composite. Lifting the veil on the 3D computer graphics by director Oliver Zeller & the 2D post work completed with co-vfx supervisor Quan Tran, and compositors Miguel Bautista and Anthony Vu. On set footage and photography also included.

Please play fullscreen and LOUD!

View Immerisve Cocoon "2011" in 720HD: vimeo.com/21465475 or 1080HD: vimeo.com/21463365

Additional behind the scenes and vfx breakdown at i-cocoon.com.
Making Of Interview: dl.dropbox.com/u/388102/ImmersiveCocoon_CaseStudy.pdf

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