Written and directed by R.L. Scott. Starring Alex Martin and Kevin Lukata. Produced by Shadow Multimedia Productions.

"Tribu De Combat" Malik Dupont (Alex Martin), a man chosen to lead "The Tribe" (a young group of homeless kids who have formed their own family) returns home after the death of his younger brother to set things right. His friend Sebastien Gans (Kevin Lukata) was left in charge of the tribe, and has to answer to Malik for letting his brother die.

Part 1 of the "Combat Tribe" International anthology, taking place in France... each episode will feature other characters from all over the globe. For more information, visit shadowmultimedia.net

Fight Choreographer: R.L. Scott

Stunt Coordinator: Alex Martin

Executive Produced by: Monyque Thompson Scott, Shaun Mixon and R.L. Scott

Produced by: Luis Kelly-Duarte, Alex Martin and Kevin Lukata

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