This is a short movie I made for some very dear friends of mine who recently traded the Sunshine Coast life for the South Island of New Zealand.

My best friend, Josh and his beautiful girlfriend Jessica, are lucky enough to be expecting a new baby and made the decision to have the baby at home with their family. They left behind some very dear friends and the memories will last forever.

I decided to make this video as a surprise for them and we watched it at their going away party where it made everybody cry like little girls! :)

I knew I wanted to simulate the 8mm film look, so I shot it 720P at 18fps, 350º shutter angle, CINE D with pumped colours. 8mm film traditionally runs at 18fps, 180º shutter angle, but I wanted to incrase the motion blur. I also tried to stay handheld and keep my DOF shallow. Having no camera shake makes this effect look pretty crap, I reckon.

It was cut in FCP 6, and then exported as DVCPROHD 720P. I applied the 8mm effect in After Effects it was a seperate video that I overlaid over the whole movie. To add to the authenticity, I also jacked the whites to blow the highlights a little and did some creative scripting to get the light to waver throughout the whole movie.

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