Hostel Backpackers - Full Moon Party/ KohPanang trails Episode clips.

Produced by Marcel Irnie

The full moon party just before the December 2004 Tsumani.

Hat Rin Beach is full of 10,000 party travellers whom gather every month, as the full moon rises. Most people arrive 1-2 weeks in advance of every Full Moon Party, and then leave a couple days after. Koh Panang has way more to offer, such as dirtbiking around the big island jungles. There are several trails leading to peoples shacks. The "mountain people" live with no power, and route water from the streams. The trail i'm riding, leads to a families home.

Tigers Buddist Zoo, near Kanchanaburi Thailand.
The tigers are sedated with drugs. The tigers can barely walk. I went to film the tigers closeup, and the munk pulled me away, as I should never "crouch infront of tiger."

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