OGGRA! isn't a real Lobsterdance project in the works - it is merely a fake trailer and a visual test run for a larger, more substantial project that we have in the works. It was originally conceived and created for my Intro to Sculpture class in May of 2011 and the whole thing was literally shot in my driveway from 8 PM to 5 AM on a Saturday night. Yeah.

I think it's worth noting (because I'm extremely proud of the fact) that the film is composed of entirely practical, in-camera special effects work. With the sole exception of the composite fire effects in the final shot, everything was created with miniatures, costumes, smoke bombs, baking soda, etc. This is truly my favorite style of filmmaking, to be sure.

Camera: Canon GL-2
Music: Akira Ifukube (from Destroy All Monsters)

UPDATE (1 Dec. 2011): OH GOSH. I totally forgot to mention that Lobsterdance took home another award at GFEST this year for OGGRA! I... can't remember what the category was off the top of my head and all the awards looked the same so it doesn't tell me anything BUT WHATEVER WE WON ANOTHER ONE, YEAH.

Now to make something worth putting in a film festival and win an award with a little more clout. XD

"Oggra, Voodoo Monster From Hell demonstrates the keen handle on indeptitude and flair for mediocrity that have become the Lobsterdance trademarks."

~ Elliot Long

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