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I have been using the original Kessler Shuttle Pod for almost a year. The first version used the Kessler Crane truss as a track to roll on.

Now Kessler has released a new version that can still use the truss, but also has its own track system if you do not own a crane.

The new version 2 Shuttle Pod also has a removable cheese plate for multiple camera/tripod head mounting options on the carriage.

But the biggest improvement is the grabber/keeper wheel kit. These additional wheels work to hold the carriage to the underside of the rails. The result is a dolly system that can craw up a tree vertical or even be operated upside down!

This system is also compatible with the ElekrtaDRIVE motors and Oracle controller giving you the power to run the Shuttle Pod remotely, record/playback movement and create amazing motion control timelapses.

Kessler Crane Website:

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