With the help of this Interactive Mirror, the consequences of the excessive consumption of semi-luxury foodstuffs are illustrated. As a person steps in front of the mirror and takes one of the objects, the graphic representation starts to react. The three objects lying on the pillar represent an excessive consumption of alcohol, fast-food or cigarettes.
The special feature of the installation is its ability to show the graphics in a correct spatial relation to the mirror image. Thereby a whole new form of interaction is created.

For more infos, please refer to my portfolio.

Fabian Kreuzer

Benedikt Burgmaier
Fabian Kreuzer
Frank Schäffer

Console - My Dog Eats Beats

Thanks for the support:
Prof. Hartmut Bohnacker
Oemer Yildiray Oezkeles oyo.at
Thiele Glas thiele-glas.de
Schreinerei Wirsching

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