FOR THE NEXT GENERATION (2011) by Dominoes Falling Productions.
A film aiming to inspire positive change in a time that is very difficult for many across the planet, and to spread awareness of some serious challenges that lie ahead.

Question everything, including this.

Instead of reading a description to this film to find out what it's about, watch it!

'Better the pain of awareness than the agony of self-betrayal.'

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For more information/entertainment from sources used please visit the websites below: (Zeitgeist: Addendum & Moving Forward) (Collapse (2009)) (Michael Ruppert) (Psywar (2010)) (Sharkwater (2006)) (Flobots - Artists of opening song) (Alex Jones) ~ (David Icke) (Joe Rogan) (Joe Rogan- Spinning our Wheels) (Terence Mckenna - Reclaim your mind) (Ben McLeish lectures) (Edd's Film Within Films - The Sequel) (Ken Robinson- Bring on the Learning Revolution -TED Talk) ~ ~ (Twitter & youtube for artists of end song 'Building')

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