UPDATE 4: I DID IT!! Dream come true :)


UPDATE 2: Q&A right after TED talk!


Hi TED. My name is Cesar Kuriyama. I’m a director, a computer graphics VFX artist, and an educator. TED Talks have changed my life. Inspired by Stefan Sagmeister’s talk on “The Power of Time Off,“ I recently decided to save enough money to leave my day job and take a year off to travel and explore more personal and creative endeavors.

Among these projects is what I call One Second Everyday. The concept is simple: every day I record and capture a single second of video—just something interesting about that day. I will compile these tiny slices of my life into a single, continuous video.

But what started out as a fun way to chronicle my year off grew quickly into a catalyst that forced me to reevaluate how I approach my day-to-day life. Soon after I started the project, I realized that I couldn’t even spend a couple of days on the couch without detracting from the whole video. Footage of my typical routine was, frankly, boring. The One Second Everyday project has helped me to maintain my creative drive, as I am constantly attempting to capture something noteworthy. It has become a perpetual reminder to wake up and seize the day.

As of this writing, the project has been underway for just over two months, and because of the positive influence it has on me each day, I am already planning to continue recording one second of each day for the rest of my life. This means that if I live to see my eightieth birthday, I’ll leave behind a five-hour video that summarizes fifty years of my life.

After Memorial Day, I’ll be leaving New York City to take a three-month road-trip around the US and Canada. Two months later I’ll take an extended trip to Peru, and if everything goes according to plan, I’ll then set off on a sixteen-stop journey around the world. I can’t wait to see what just one second of the days to come will look like.

The completion of the first year of this project will culminate in the launch of a website that will encourage and provide help for others to record their own one second every day, and supply ways to share their projects. With some funding, I would love to design and build a smartphone app that would automate the process of compiling each daily video. Thanks to the new generation of smartphones, more and more people have an HD-capable video camera handy at all times, making this project widely accessible.

I started this project on my thirtieth birthday, when I began my year off. The first year of this project will conclude on my thirty-first birthday, February 20th, exactly one week before TED2012 Full Spectrum. I would love for a TED audience to be the first to see the finished six-minute compilation.

Thank you for your consideration.

Cesar Kuriyama

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