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This video was entirely made out of PHOTOGRAPHS. There is not a single "live" video shot in it. We took over 90,000 photographs during several weeks of filming.



City as a living organism

The city describes itself. This in an autobiography of a town that lives by its own rhythm. From it’s perspective everyday life seems insignificant. It lives in a different, separate time dimension and has it’s own perception of the civilizational happenings within the city.

The city has it’s own tempo.

From the town’s viewpoint, our world seems rapid. But the town is slow city, it’s eternal. With it’s monumentality the city accentuates it’s strength and longevity in contrast to the passing lives of it’s citizens.

Metaphysical self-portrait of the city is painted through parallel time dimensions: human (individual as well as collective), and it’s own. It is this other dimension that portraits the city as a living organism with a different - almost surreal rhythm.

Bojan Sivački



Cameras and lenses:
Canon 1Ds mk III
Canon 5D mk II
Canon 7D
Canon 14 f2.8
Canon 15 f2.8 fisheye
Canon 17 f4 TS
Canon 24 f3.5 TS
Canon 24 f1.4
Canon 35 f1.4
Canon 45 f2.8 TS
Canon 50 f1.2
Canon 85 f1.2
Canon 90 f2.8 TS
Canon 100 f2.8 IS
Canon 300 f2.8 IS
Canon 600 f4 IS
Canon 16-35 f2.8
Canon 24-70 f2.8
Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS
Sigma 12-24 f4.5-5.6

Motorized sliders & heads / Motion control:
Kessler Crane Cineslider 5 feet
Kessler Crane Ultra HD 12 feet
Kessler Crane Shuttlepod
Kessler Crane Revolution head
Kessler Crane Oracle controllers


Advanced timelapse transitions made with LRTimelapse! Thanks Gunther!


All rights reserved / Sva prava zadrzana


That's it, hope you like it!

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