In 3: The Garden Nicole Beutler examines the artificial distinction between nature and culture. Following in the footsteps of the Romanticists, Beutler questions the utopian desire to go ‘back to nature’, in search of an untouched, untamed wilderness. But the further she goes, the more structures and organising principles she encounters. How natural are we humans in the habitat we built for ourselves? And what if it turns out that even animals possess an aesthetic sense?

New work by Nicole Beutler
in collaboration with Minna Tiikkainen, Felix Ritter, Suze May Sho, Gary Shepherd, Paul Schimmel, Hester van Hasselt, Anouke de Groot and the performers Marjolein Vogels, Hillary Blake Firestone, Javier Ollero, Hendrik Willekens, Giulio D' Anna, Niels Kuiters

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