Check out KILLCUMBER, our practice-run short film for the NYC 24 Hour Film Race. In preparations for the real deal, we randomly drew movie genres and inanimate objects to help us get our creative juices running. Out of sheer luck, we picked horror for our genre and cucumber for our object - which was awesome because we had the most hilarious jam-session where this monstrosity was born. We shot the next morning and Alex rocked it out with his crazy CG skills.

Vegetarians beware: KILLCUMBER is coming for you.

Alex Sherman - Concept, Director, Lighting, Sound, Edit, CG
Joe Croson - Concept
Eric Bloom - Concept, Sound
Harry Bogosian - Concept
Pat Raubo - Concept
Monica Lo - Concept, Art Direction, Designer
Carol Matthews-Nicoli - Actress
Dan Masso - Actor

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