Wats:ON? Festival 2011: SPEED
Hi-Speed Photo Booth
A project of the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Featuring Pablo Garcia, Jeff Lieberman and Spike Wolff

The Hi-Speed Photo Booth stretches time. Visitors walk into a spiral shaped structure and record three seconds of action; the booth then plays back a minute of mesmerizing slow motion video (16x slower than normal speed). During the booth's premiere at Carnegie Mellon's 2011 wats:ON? festival:SPEED, around 300 slow motion portraits were uploaded to YouTube in one weekend.
In this compact exposition, the booth designers Pablo, Jeff and Spike speak about the plasticity of time from the very fast to the ultra slow.

Video produced by Jonathan Minard and Michael Pisano
Sound by Leif Inge: 9 Beet Stretch: Beethoven's 9th Symphony Stretched to 24 hours
Booth Designed by Pablo Garcia and Spike Wolff
in collaboration with Jeff Lieberman and Matt Kearney
Software and Interface Design by Dan Wilcox and Riley Harmon
Construction by Ben Finch, Joel McCullough, Sam Rashid, Kyle Rood
Support from Fastec Imaging, Visual Instrumentation Corp

Special Thanks to the Jill Watson Family Foundation

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