Making the greatest drink on Earth with some aptly named Bloom gin and glass set given to me as a present by the lovely Gert Kracht.

Test film using the super slow motion feature of the Sony FS100. It takes 3 second clips and turn them into 12 seconds at 60i at just over SD and up rezzes them. I then brought them in as 30p and conformed to 24p giving me effectively 150 FPS.

The camera does do full HD 60 FPS with I have not shot with yet but will in the next couple of days. It will be of a much much higher quality image than this mode. This was done just as a quick bit of fun.

Oh...and yes I did drink it afterwards and yes it was strong and very large and yes I was slightly drunk afterwards!

Although a test need not be throwaway. Hence I put effort into this. It plays on my love of composition, of symmetry and oh of gin!

Lens was a 100mm Zeiss Macro F2 Nikon Mount.

Music Strauss: The Blue Danube

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