This series is designed to make herbs, plants and herbal remedies accessible to the masses. It’s all about using what’s on your own doorstep.

In each programme there are three experts – a herbalist, a gardener and a beauty expert. The herbalist and beauty expert diagnose patients and help them develop herbal remedies that they can easily grow and make themselves. The gardener, where appropriate, will show they how to grow them at home.

They see a number of patients – and offer a “quick fix” as part of an initial montage sequence. (E.g. burn – aloe plant, greasy hair – rosemary, hangover –milk thistle) They then diagnose two patients in detail and show them how to make simple remedies to treat their ailments.

Our experts accompany their patients to source the ingredients – at a health food shop, supermarket, garden centre or local producer. They then go home with them to demonstrate how to grow the ingredients for their remedies.

Finally they give them a step by step guide of how make the treatment up in their own kitchen.

The pay off at the end of the programme is when the camera crew returns to see how successful the treatments have been and if the patients are continuing to make and produce their treatments.

All ingredients will be readily available on the high street or easily grown in the back garden or in a window box. There will be plenty of take-home facts and recipes presented in an easy and accessible way so that viewers will be inspired to have a go themselves.

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