Think Superman and old-school B-rated movies. Green screening is a technique used to transplant a subject from a green-screen studio to a completely different location or background.

You will have much better results with with a professional video camera, studio lighting, and the proper green screen, but this kind of project can still be done without that. (Reality is, most of us don't have that kind of set-up available.) This tutorial shows you how you can do your own homemade green screen project with simple tools you already have at home or at school. (i.e. disposable media: digital cameras, hand-held camcorders, your phone, and green sheets or green paper in a well-lit room. Lighting is important. Consider buying work lights from your local hardware store.)

Our results are far from being perfect, but far from boring, so lots of fun!

If you have proper video editing software such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, or even Premiere Elements, you can do this! Also consider mixing in and animating children's artwork into your project.

Also, here are is a green screen video clip and photo used in the tutorial for you to try.

SF Skyline Background Photo:

Green Screen Girls:

Thanks to the students (and their parents) in this video tutorial who gave me their permission to let them be in it.

(Music mixed using UJam, a free online resource)


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