The SP (Socialist Party) wanted to speak out against the current problems with Homecare in the Netherlands. The commercial immediately lead to political debate and within two weeks the Secretary of State, Jet Bussemaker, changed her policy.

In the commercial an elderly woman undresses herself in protest against the financial cuts in Homecare.

The commercial won the 'Ster Gouden Loeki' award. This is a people's-choice prize for best Dutch television commercial.

Concept: Thonik and SP-Agnes Kant
Art direction and design: Thonik;
Director: Krijn van Noordwijk;
Producer: HazazaH, Jeroen van den Idsert;
Camera: Mick van Rossum;
Soundstudio: The Ambassadors;
Sounddesign: Ed Meijaard;
Music: Ernst Reijseger;


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