About the video:

The music video for Microscope came together because of fellow Met Film Production MA Student Daisy Scholte. She knew the singer/songwriter (Weisan) who was interested in putting together a music video in time her EP’s launch party. Daisy put together a team consisting of herself, Mhairi McGhee (another MA Student) and I.

The video was very much a team effort. Daisy served as producer of the video as well as having a hand in location scouting, Mhairi came up with a storyline for the video as well as casting the actors we would need and I was in charge of storyboarding, editing and was also D.O.P. The three of us all shared directing responsibilities.

Microscope tells the story of a couple on a picnic, our boy is seen doing whatever he can to impress our girl yet she seems to constantly be nitpicking all the small things. In order to realize it the two must take a closer look at things.

* Produced by: Daisy Scholte
* Directed by: Mhairi McGhee, Daisy Scholte & Frank Soldato
* Story by: Mhairi McGhee
* Edited by: Frank Soldato
* Locations by: Daisy Scholte
* Director of Photography: Frank Soldato

To find out more about WEISAN find her on FACEBOOK and MYSPACE and order her debut album here:amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004VGFW2A/ref=dm_dp_adp

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