Music video for Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside's first single off their debut album Dirty Radio. Available 5/23/2011 on Partisan Records!!

Directed by: Matthew Thomas Ross
Director of Photography: Brad Reeb
Produced by: Matthew Thomas Ross & Eliza Sohn
Gaffer: Mike Weiss
Camera Operators: Brad Reeb & Conlan Murphy
Production Design: Eliza Sohn
Production Photos: Conlan Murphy
Edited by: Matthew Thomas Ross
F/X: Matthew Thomas Ross & Peter Rockwood

Special thanks:
Mississippi Studios and Travis Becker
60's - Grandma/Grandpa Ross for letting us use their home. Molly and Kyle Ray.
70's - Gary Dale Burns/Ashley Cozzetto's apartment. (thanks Ashley for your lovely interior design to make it look super 70's!) Emiko, Sadie, Libby, Louie.
80's - Alicia, Elec and lil Jonah!
90's - Peter, Johnny, Libby.
Current - All the extras who had patience!



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