The Pig Show is a 45 minute subversive cabaret solo show that explores a new genre - COCKlitics. Associative story telling meets interactive queer stand up performed by Miami's own performance provocateur, Cuban- American Octavio Campos. The piece looks at the passing of pop culture icons, Weimar republic sex workers and dead dancers like Michael Jackson & Pina Bausch inside of a naive retelling of the story of the invasion at the Bay of Pigs in Havanna, Cuba.

Conceived and performed by
Octavio Campos

Juan Carlos Espinosa, George Gerschwin, Spolinski

Slick it Up

Kevin Roman

Camposition Inc.

This video sample of THE PIG SHOW is from the section called: PIG BURLESQUE

the full performance of a work in progress showing was done at WinterFest - Miami Dances 2011 in Miami Beach, FL January of 2011.

The various musical works accompanying the piece are by George Gershwin, Spolinski and original music by Cuban composer/collaborator Juan Carlos Espinosa.

His note for the composition:

The piece is a dreamlike rendition of the Cuban national anthem, known as La Bayamesa (the woman from Bayamo). The brutally violent lyrics are sung by the voices of children. The words float over the peaceful reverberating tones of a marimba and a vibraphone with a guitar played as percussion. Dissonance is not found in the gentle reverie of the music, but in the contrast of the tender sounds with the bloody, almost masochistic words of La Bayamesa so typical of the national anthems of Latin America. I still tear up when I hear it. I love it.

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