For the Google Offers teaser campaign, Buck was commissioned to concept, write, direct and produce this faux stop-motion number to get the word out about their new stellar service.


Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Eric Badros
Production Coordinator: Ashley Hsieh
Associate Creative Directors: Jeremy Sahlman, Joshua Harvey
Art Director: Joe Mullen
Copywriters: Ryan Honey, Joe Mullen, Jeremy Sahlman, Andy Kadin
CG Supervisor: Doug Wilkinson
3D Lead: Jens Lindgren
3D Modeling/Texturing: Tony Vela, Jens Lindgren, Jon Gorman, Joao Rema, Ana Luisa Santos, Kelsey Charlton, Timm Wagener, Christine Li
3D Animation: Steve Day, Matt Everton, Hao Cui, Kendra Ryan, Jens Lindgren, Moses Journey
3D Lighting/Shading: Doug Wilkinson, Jens Lindgren, Ana Luisa Santos
Compositing: Moses Journey, Doug Wilkinson, Joe Mullen
Painting: Joshua Harvey, Joe Mullen, Matt Everton
2D Previs: Will White, Joe Mullen, Matt Everton, Kendra Ryan
Music: Antfood

Software Used: Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, The Foundry Nuke

Product Marketing Manager: Julia Tang
Product Marketing Manager: David Kim

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