Sedona is a scenic town of 11,000 which lies in the Verde Valley in the northern Sonoran Desert of Arizona. The city is surrounded and punctuated by immense sandstone formations of an unusual richness known as the Supai Group. The sandstone was deposited in warm Permian seas, then covered by eons of other material which hardened it into rock. Over recent epochs, erosion has revealed the formations, which display rich color during the early morning and late afternoon.

Spectacular individual sites have colorful names such as Cathedral Rocks, Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Coffeepot Rock and Twin Buttes.

The airport is on a flat-topped butte which has commanding views around the valley, and offers remarkable view in all directions.

Bell Rock is another formation on which we can walk in order to get views of other formations’.

There is a park at the base of Cathedral Rock, which is widely considered the most photographed formation in the entire valley.

I took a helicopter flight over the city, which resulted in a collection of video and still images which convey a valuable overview against which to appreciate the individual formations.

Finally, there is a spectacular chapel at the base of Twin Buttes known as the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The woman who funded the construction was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, and in my opinion her mentor would be delighted with it. It is visible from many sites in the valley, and becomes a focus of many photographs.

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