Super 8 Tri-X, Ektachrome, and Vision
16mm Ektachrome, Tri-X, and Plus-X all processed at PAC Lab, NYC.


Upcoming shows: Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Zeitgemässen Blickfang's Collective show, Silentium Exit in the Netherlands. Stay tuned for more info. - Check out their channel.

OTHERS: Honorable mention at the New Jersey Film Festival. More details will be posted soon on . Also screened at happenings curated by Trey LaTrash in Ames, Iowa. Alternative soundtrack created by G. Adams . Original soundtrack by M Woods featured on L'Etranger Radio in Belgium.

The representation of being in motion picture is the direct result of an inflated super ego, a facade that coats the real in an illusion of impenetrable madness and gives birth to the Super Id. We are in an inorganic suspension by which we must posit nothingness onto the world in order to understand ourselves as being. It is this nothingness that we project, from the screens in Hollywood to the streets of New York City, that will lead to an inevitable collapse of the systems of meaning as they fall pray to the cancer of representation.

We are now in the Warholian mode of being, and the avant-garde has not reacted against the banality that now coats our existence.

Everything is now Disney World.!/Disamedia

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