In the Industrial Age, and the ensuing brilliance of remarkable men like Henry Ford, we created a once strong and viable economic structure- for awhile.

The human spirit, as a collective of Americans, can do many things and accomplish whatever we set our minds to as a unified society. Everybody can do something; we are NOT clones however, We all have strengths and weaknesses.

People like Kayla, and others caught at vulnerable moments in time are my heroes. Against great odds, history, past barriers (some of which most of us can barely imagine), they move forward. They are seeking their "niche" in a factory-line society that isn't necessarily open to those who can contribute 25 hours, or 30 hours, or maybe even 12 hours a week. Who cares?

Most all of us "present (appear) well"; what is behind the facade that wires us all differently- for better and worse" that makes us the remarkable human beings we all are.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. For Kayla, as well. And leave the damnable money issue out of the discussion, okay? :-) Some people take more time.

We are a great Country. We'll make it Happen.

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